Review: Haven gets morbid

Well, that lasted one whole week. The secret about Charlotte not being from the Center for Disease Control, I mean.

So, the big question at the end of Thursday’s new episode, “Mortality,” was: who the heck is Charlotte and who sent her to Haven? Of course, that question should be answered next week … unless Dave is unable to get cell service or drive back to Haven on his own.

Charlotte and Dwight spent a bunch of time together, mostly with him trying to convince her that a thing called the Troubles existed in Haven. She wasn’t buying it at first–she suspected Dwight had hired a sniper to shoot him at the same time she took target practice–but finally caved.

Other than that, “Mortality” didn’t have a ton of reveals. Audrey picked up a dose of the contagion, meaning she has some sort of Trouble after all, Pete was the one spreading the contagion amongst the Troubled folk (stress will do that to poor Pete), and a guy named Kirby was able to see how people will die and told Audrey he saw how she and her “twin” will meet their dual demise.

Duke appeared to be firmly in the “bad guy” camp with Mara after she brainwashed him into thinking the town hated him–he even unshackled and allowed her outside on an emergency run to the hospital to try and get to the bottom of the contagion conundrum–but was in his right mind by the time she killed Pete to stop the contagion. Mara re-attaching the handcuffs and telling Duke she wants to help him was either the biggest play this season’s villain has or she is genuinely softening towards the big lug. I’m hoping the former over the latter because I just don’t buy them as a couple.

Overall, not the best episode of Haven in my opinion but I view “Mortality” as more of a transition episode to bigger things to come.

Notes and quotes

  • “Easy on the turns, Thelma.”–Mara
  • I would like a Grey Gull baseball cap
  • Stan is the slowest cop on the Haven force
  • I’d love it if anything I touched turned to cake

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One thought on “Review: Haven gets morbid”

  1. Not a not a whole lot of forward momentum, but I liked Mara’s day trip with Duke and their banter. She sort of came off more as just a dark version of Audrey in this episode rather than her
    sway Duke to Team Mara. I’m sure her positioning herself atop Duke under Audrey’s desk wasn’t solely out of necessity. She’s certainly not shy about using her sexuality to further her goal to entice Duke to her way of thinking, as evidenced last week by her post-shower stroll and her “twenty-five to watch, fifty to touch” line at the top of this ep.
    But then we got a nice flash of the real Mara when she stabbed Pete in the neck with the screwdriver. (And you just knew something bad would happen with that when she squirreled that away earlier). Though as shocking as that was, it still doesn’t beat her previous pencil-in-the-eye killing.
    I did sigh a little when Vince flashed his Guard tattoo in an attempt to strong-arm that government guy, though liked it when he was called on the fact he wasn’t leader of the group anymore.
    Biggest surprise for me was the revelation that the feds didn’t have anyone from the CDC in Haven. Dun-dun-dunnnn! So who is Charlotte then? Does this mean she’s not from the CDC, or has just gone rogue from the CDC? She doesn’t seem to have any nefarious purpose there, but I guess we’ll see…

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