Comments and queries for the week of Dec. 12

This week was a big one for Canadian TV. On Monday, it was announced that Continuum had been renewed for one more six-episode season. And Wednesday saw the series finale of Republic of Doyle. Both were hot topics among readers who follow us on Twitter.

Sorry to hear #Continuum will be ending, but perhaps they’ll give us 6 tremendously strong episodes as their finale.–Jeanette607

Mixed feelings … we wanted more … Hope they bring Sonya back, at least :(–Lisuni

Bummed and happy. More on the bummed side though :( at least they’ll be a proper send off #Continuum–E_84

I wish there was more Episodes but 6 is better then none and I am Sooo happy–lorenbhollander

I happen to think Republic of Doyle has been the funniest thing on television for as long as it’s been on, and I’ve been hoping CBC would make a spinoff about Des. I also think Sean McGinley was much more interesting as Malachy than a certain other much-in-demand Canadian actor–reportedly the first choice–would have been. I enjoyed this show enormously.–Nick

The show Heartland has inspired me tremendously, as I have grown up around horses. I watch regularly and it would be a great honour if I could get a role in the show or meet Amber Marshall. Thank you for your time as it is greatly appreciated.–Hannah

I’m sure Amber would love to hear from you. You can pass on your well wishes to her Twitter account @Amber_Marshall.

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