Discovery’s Airshow highlights the lives of daredevils






From a media release:

From the ground, it can look rather glamorous, but every year more airshow pilots are tragically killed than in any other job in entertainment. Pilots who survive on the airshow circuit need to be part salesman, part stuntman, and partly unhinged! A 12-episode original Canadian series produced exclusively for Discovery, AIRSHOW airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT beginning Jan. 26. The series is the uniquely-told story of courage and danger in a world fueled by a volatile mix of skill, bravado, and science. Using the latest camera technology to take viewers on an unforgettable ride, AIRSHOW is a perfect mix of eye candy and stomach-churning story, showcasing these incredible personalities driven to follow their dreams in pursuit of one of the most dangerous part-time professions on the planet.

Produced for Discovery by Great Pacific TV – the makers of the highly successful HIGHWAY THRU HELL franchise which is coming off a landmark season as the network’s most-watched of any series in the past four years – AIRSHOW reveals a world where crews know the harder they push, either on the ground and in the air, the more likely they are to succeed. But push too hard and they’ll crash. Money is always tight, and there are never enough bookings to pay the bills, as a steady stream of newbies are constantly trying to undercut the veterans. AIRSHOW follows the lives of pilots, performers, producers, and technicians through an airshow season, as they face breakdowns, bad weather, and each other’s egos, leaving viewers sure to ask themselves how this can be a job people are dying to do.