Link: Best Canadian TV of 2014

From Chris Jancelewicz of Huffington Post Canada:

Best Canadian TV Of 2014: Shows And Moments That Ruled The Small Screen
Every Canadian knows it’s true: our homegrown TV has a horrible reputation, both here and abroad. The first things that pop into people’s minds are snow, period pieces, and low production values — hardly the stuff of legendary entertainment. But something has been happening over the past few years. Slowly, steadily, Canadian TV shows are getting better. Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Best Canadian TV of 2014”

  1. For the record, I’d much rather watch a n 1800s set-in-the-prairies drama than a gritty crime drama any day.

    Best moments for me on Canadian tv this year were:
    1 – When we discovered Floki on did not betray Ragnar after all on Vikings
    2 – When Sarah stabbed Rachel in the eye on Orphan Black
    3 – Hilarious lobster scene on Mohawk Girls
    4 – When Liber8 and Keira finally teamed up on Continuum

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