Review: Mohawk Girls are “Building a Nation”

Review by Carolyn Potts

This episode, entitled “Building a Nation” sees the introduction of Tantoo Cardinal (of Dances With Wolves, Black Robe, and Legends of The Fall) to the cast, taking up the role of Zoe’s mother, The Chief.

We are caught up with Caitlyn daydreaming about the future she hopes to have with her baby and Butterhead, nice girl Anna is hiding out with Thunder (because who wouldn’t since we are talking about Thunder after all!) in order to avoid confrontation with Vicky, Zoe’s mother, once again voices her displeasure with Zoe for missing the “splashy” fundraiser from Episode 107 “The Beast”, and Anna is forgiven by Bailey for dating Thunder (and besides Bailey is fairly gushing over her budding relationship with Jack “Mr. Dimples”).

Our episode takes off with Caitlin. She cannot wait to share the news of her pregnancy and visits Butterhead at work. Once again Caitlin is disappointed by Blockheaded Butterhead. He is obviously surprised but he makes it very clear to Caitlin that he does not want another baby. Word of Caitlin’s pregnancy spreads quickly on Kahnawa:ke and Zoe hears it from the neighbourhood gossips. The girls decide it is in Caitlin’s best interest that they conduct an intervention and confront Caitlin with their support “regardless of what she decides to do” (implying they think she might be better off with an abortion). This time Caitlin is heartbroken by her closest friends. She is stunned that they would even imply such a thing. Caitlin turns once again to her father who this time does not disappoint. Her father thinks Butterhead will come around in time (fingers crossed for Caitlin).

Baily receives shocking news from Jack’s roommate Leon (Alain Chanoine). According to Leon, Jack doesn’t want the drama that comes with a relationship with Bailey and intends to break things off with her. Will this spell the end of Bailey and Mr. Dimples?

Team “Thana” arrive together at the Fire hall fundraiser and it “seems” Anna can finally take her place in the community. Can the women in the community handle their best man taking up with a “half breed”? – Stay Tuned!

Good girl Zoe is once again waging war on her inner bad girl, cleaning and redecorating but comes across an advert to yet another fetish party, and so she returns to the sex shop. This for me was the surprise moment of the show as our sex shop clerk turned out to be none other than Yanic Truesdale, Michel from Gilmore Girls fame (and who doesn’t want to meet a sex shop clerk like him?). Zoe plays dress-up trying on lots of fabulously sexy outfits at the suggestion of “Michel” (“Michel” it is since his character has not yet been named). NOTE to Tracey Deer and Cynthia Knight, if you are reading this, please please PLEASE can Yanic reprise this role in future episodes so we can at the very least give him a proper name?

The other highlight of this episode came once again from Caitlin played by Heather White. Caitlin shows up to the driving range and dumps all of Butterhead’s stuff at his feet. Caitlin’s Beast finally shines and it appears Butterhead rises to the occasion. It seems he has finally met his match. He tells Caitlin that this time he is up to the task of fatherhood. He wants to be a father to their baby that his father never was to him and proclaims that Caitlin is the loving and caring woman he wants to have in his life. (YAY for Caitlin!!)

We end with a “bang” so to speak, at the expense of nice girl Anna, who is jumped by Vicky by the lacrosse rink.

Will Butterhead live up to his promises to Caitlin? Will Jack really break up with Bailey? How will Zoe cope now that Caitlin knows her secret? How will Kahnawa:ke react to Anna’s beating? Let me know what you think is ahead for our foursome in the comments below!