Review: Fracking and fractured relationships on Blackstone

And just like that, Blackstone‘s Debbie Fraser is no more. In the final seconds of last week’s episode, Debbie drove into the path of a tractor trailer while on the phone with Alan, leaving a cliffhanger regarding her health.

“Discovery” by Damon Vignale opened with Andy sitting silently in prison, clearly numb at the news and unable to do anything before heading to Deb’s memorial, where Alan was getting hammered in a vain attempt to block out the pain. He has a lot to feel pained about: he’d shown nothing but contempt and hatred for Deb and he was the reason she was behind the wheel in the first place. Alan coming unglued on the Shale executives was an exercise in uncomfortableness.

With just one more episode to go in this fourth season, storylines were quickly wrapping up. Gail began her journey of healing with help from Dr. Crowshoe, who explained that Gail needed to grieve the death of those she loves as well as own up to the mistakes she’s made. She did just that, first saying sorry to Greg and then confessing to Leona that her relapse was her own fault and not something that Leona should be beating herself up for.

Things were looking very, very dire for Jumbo. He’d managed to elude Jack’s thugs for a bit, but they finally caught up with him and said he had just hours to pay back the cash he owed. After a lot of grousing, Daryl came through and paid Jack the money Jumbo owed. I’ve really enjoyed Daryl’s storyline this season. Aside from his growing relationship with Gina, he’s kept the club running smoothly and has very much been a father figure to Alan while Andy’s been in the clink. Speaking of the clink, did anyone else find the timing just a little too good in that the Shale folks came sniffing around Daryl and Andy’s land at the exact same time Andy’s bail needed to be posted? I’m sure it was all part of advancing the story, but it was just a little too smooth for me.

Next week’s Blackstone season finale episode is called “There Will be Blood,” and I can’t help but feel dread. After all, Darrien just escaped from prison and is hitching his way back to Blackstone. What will he do when he gets there? I’m not sure, but I’m betting he’s not planning on letting the past slide when it comes to Gail.

Blackstone airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on APTN.