Tonight: Air Farce New Year’s Eve, The Big Picture

Air Farce New Year’s Eve, CBC
Liberal leader Justin Trudeau gives his thumbs-up to the year’s biggest movies; YouTube superstar Lilly Singh (Superwoman) avoids her parents’ New Year’s Eve curfew; Heartland star Amber Marshall saves the ranch from the path of the Keystone pipeline; and it’s all downhill when Canadian Olympic heroes Maxime, Chloé, and Justine Dufour-Lapointe introduce their fourth skiing sister. Jon Montgomery stars in The Amazing Race’s new spin-off, where Canada’s political leaders run for office—literally—with special appearances by this summer’s winners, Mickey Henry and Pete Schmalz, as well as celebrity chef Vikram Vij from Dragons’ Den. Singing sensation Nikki Yanofsky takes part in the annual dropping of the infamous F-Bomb.

The Big Picture, CBC
Comedian Ron James weighs in on the year that was – the fall of Rob Ford, the rise of Netflix, and the sequel no one saw coming, Iraq 2: The Redeployment. He looks at World Cup madness, reporting news in the era of “click bait,” and his well-meaning but doomed attempts to “take time for mindfulness” while keeping half a dozen plates in the air at the daily circus of multi-tasking.