Tonight: Marketplace, Fifth Estate, Sports on Fire

Marketplace, CBC – “Repairmen Unplugged”
Fed up with an appliance on the fritz? Wondering why they just don’t last like they used to? Marketplace is kicking off 2015 by revealing five secrets appliance makers might prefer you didn’t know. Marketplace hears from a lot of Canadians who are frustrated by appliance breakdowns. So now we’re calling in veteran repairmen to diagnose the problems and tell you what’s really going on. After all, there’s a lot at stake: we spend about $4-billion a year on major appliances. Host Tom Harrington talks to insiders and joins a repairman on a house call, showing you the problems and how you can protect yourself.

Fifth Estate, CBC – “Putin’s Long Shadow”
A joint investigation by the fifth estate and PBS Frontline probes Russian leader Vladimir Putin: allegations of criminal activity and corruption, with a secret personal fortune said to be in the billions. Gillian Findlay reports on the dark side of one of the most powerful men in the world.

Sports on Fire, HBO Canada – “A Cold War”
Viewers are taken back in time to 1972 to revisit the historic Summit Series between Canada and Russia. We know the Summit Series is the stuff Canadian hockey legend is made of, but SPORTS ON FIRE takes a unique approach by compiling unfiltered viewpoints from athletes, historians, and journalists in fast-paced hard-hitting style that’s made for pay television.