Comments and queries for the week of Jan. 9

Three TV shows and one story took hold of readers this week. There was lots of praise for Donald Sutherland’s Pirate’s Passage and The Book of Negroes but Lost Girl fans have started to lose faith in the final season. Meanwhile, readers weighed in on D.K. Latta’s piece for The Huffington Post. Check out the link to read one particularly insightful observation.

My wife and I just watched Pirate’s Passage. Wow, that really was very good, very top-class and well done. I’m 64, and I wish we’d had Canadian stories like this to read and on TV and as literature studies in school when I was growing up. Thanks to all for Pirate’s Passage! Please do lots more.–Steve and Tracy

I just finished watching Pirate’s Passage, and already I want more. This is a wonderfully produced project; I cannot recommend it enough to anyone wanting to enjoy a good old Canadian story.–Brandon

The Book of Negroes looks fantastic and I can’t recall such a great miniseries being made in Canada since Anne of Green Gables came out. Sure, there have been attempts, but for the most part there’s been political thrillers or issues-heavy miniseries that only appealed to niche viewers and failed ratings-wise. I am curious how The Book of Negroes will do in the ratings. There’s been plenty of promotion and the trailer is very enticing.–Alicia

The writers have not given the relationship between Lost Girl‘s Bo and Lauren much dignity. In the second show in which they were a true couple (Season 3), the writers had them flinging sarcasm at each other; not a good start for a relationship. When Bo went through the trial of the Dawning, when she emerged, there was no embrace or kiss with Lauren. Lauren was just standing there with all the others, there was no indication of them as a couple. Then shortly after that, the writers had Lauren ask Bo for a break in their relationship. She goes off to join Taft. In the 4th season, Lauren joins the Dark and foils the Morrigan, which to me indicates that Lauren wanted Bo all along, that she was trying to gain Bo’s favor by her actions against the Morrigan. And now in Season 5, they are “exes”? When did we get that discussion??–Sue

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3 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of Jan. 9”

  1. Um. I’m not a regular viewer of LOST GIRL so I don’t really have a dog in this hunt. But I would venture that anyone who observes —

    “the writers had them flinging sarcasm at each other; not a good start for a relationship.”

    maybe isn’t the expert in relationships they think they are. Playful sarcasm back and forth seems to have been good enough for my parents (48 years and counting) and just about every successful couple I’ve encountered.

    Life is a rich tapestry. TV does best when it reflects more of that, not less. Whenever a viewer (or a writer) lays down absolutes about human behaviour in drama, or life, I find that ends conversations, not prolongs them.

    But I don’t know. Maybe LOST GIRL episodes are the exception.

    (I kid. They’re not.)

  2. It’s not that Lost Girl fans have lost faith. It’s the fair weather fans that were deluded by the comments of a past showrunner & their own wishes that are angry the plot line for their preferred ship isn’t front & center on the show. Forgetting that the show is about Bo & her journey to discover the truth about herself. Bo & Lauren broke up at the end of season 3. It’s season 5. They had the discussion about Lauren breaking up with Bo two seasons ago!

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