Tonight: Heartland, Life Story, Lost Girl, Timber Kings

Heartland, CBC – “The Heart of A River”
With the fate of the wild horses hanging in the balance, Amy and Ty find themselves drawing closer as they make a desperate bid to save them. Meanwhile, Lou and Peter set aside their differences and form a united front against trumped up child endangerment charges. And Georgie is shattered when someone from her past threatens her future at Heartland.

Life Story, CBC – “First Steps”
From the moment they are born, every animal on the planet begins the same great and perilous journey – life. Like us, animals have to overcome both the struggle to reach adulthood and the unpredictable challenges thrown at them by their environment, their enemies and even their own families. Told from the perspective of individual animals, this captivating series follows the journey from birth to parenthood.

Lost Girl, Showcase – “Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts”
Bo and Tamsin infiltrate the world of college football to investigate a homicide that might expose the Fae. Dyson investigates a murder victim who won’t stay dead.

Timber Kings, HGTV – “Trial by Fire”
In foggy Newfoundland, Peter builds a duck-hunting cabin and gets initiated into island culture. Meanwhile, Bryan Jr. renovates the patio at the local pub — wrangling oversized logs and the client’s oversized personality. At the yard, Joel and Nellie feel the heat, as local firefighters teach them how to protect their multimillion-dollar log pile.