Treehouse Sparkles with Launch of Little Charmers


From a media release:

Corus Entertainment’s preschool channel Treehouse is delighted to announce the premiere of Little Charmers, a fantastical new preschool series that celebrates the magic of friendship, on Saturdays at 6:30 p.m. ET, beginning January 31. The 80 x 11-minute CGI animated series is also rolling out worldwide on Nickelodeon starting this month.

Little Charmers takes place in the whimsical land of Charmville and stars Hazel, a fearless and spirited go-getter, who is on her way to becoming a full-fledged Charmer. Hazel can often be seen with her two best friends, Lavender, a sweet and musical “Spellerina” who can come up with spells for any occasion and Posie, a bright and feisty “Potionista” who knows how to stir up potions and put together hip fashions. These “Charmers-In-Training” embark on spellbinding adventures that always stir up funny situations, like turning the entire town into mushrooms or accidentally setting loose a herd of unicorns. Together, this inseparable trio use their imaginations and teamwork to fix magical mishaps and, along the way, learn the value of friendship.

Kids will be able to visit to see clips from upcoming episodes as well as access themed printables, downloadables and information about Hazel, Lavendar, Posie and their pets. The site will also roll out the first of four games and a Little Charmers app in weeks to come.

Little Charmers is a series co-created by Nelvana and Spin Master, two of the companies that drove the global phenomenon Bakugan. Nelvana Enterprises is distributing the series worldwide and Spin Master is developing and manufacturing a multi-faceted toy line including dolls, playsets, apparel and accessories, to roll out at mass retail in Fall 2015.


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  1. What I can’t understand is why Treehouse and Disney Junior keep showing their new series in the evening. Most little kids I know (including mine) watch their cartoons during the day. It sounds like a cartoon my kids will like but on a Saturday evening they won’t be watching. Most parents I know let their kids watch cartoons while they are trying to get work done around the house or get in a little extra shuteye in the morning.

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