Link: Anarchy in Calgary: Bruce McCulloch revisits aimless teenagedom in Young Drunk Punk

From David Berry of the National Post:

In the first episode of Young Drunk Punk, the (fittingly) punk-era sitcom about a pair of kids trying to make a go of life after high school, the guidance counsellor asks Ian McKay (Tim Carlson), obviously a frequent visitor to the office, what exactly he wants to be. He’s got no answer: “I only know what I don’t want to be,” he shrugs.

“I think, sometimes, you have to start your disdain for people around you before you can actually look at yourself,” says Bruce McCulloch, Kid in the Hall and creator of the City series. “It’s a person admitting that they’re searching, that they’re lost, and they’re starting with everyone else, but the fun is going to be watching them get inside themselves.” Continue reading.