Tonight: Sunnyside, Doc Zone

Sunnyside, City – “Baxter”
Viola (Kathleen Phillips) suspects her dog, Baxter, is cheating on her. Quennel (Kevin Vidal) suffers from an acute case of smartphone withdrawal. Rookie Kerri (Alice Moran) finds it hard to run a RIDE program once Peter (Rob Norman) falls madly in love with her.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Roboticize Me”
How about a robot that does household drudge work – or cuddles up next to you? Interested? Intrigued? Well it’s not too far away. A robot revolution is upon us. And it’s guaranteed to change the way we see ourselves. Robots have become our colleagues, even our companions. Some look like animals or toys. But others look disturbingly like us. All of them have been developed to act like us, feel and think like us. Why? What’s driving our need to develop intelligent and emotional machines?