History greenlights Proper Television’s Brett & Cliff Go to Hell


From a media release:

After a successful pilot, HISTORY has greenlit six, one-hour episodes of Brett & Cliff Go to Hell with production starting in Roatan Island, Honduras.

The series follows adventurers Brett Rogers and Cliff Quinn as they re-live actual historical worst-case scenarios in six locations around the world. Filming the entire journey themselves, each one-hour episode will chronicle Brett and Cliff’s treacherous voyage as they pit themselves against history’s toughest men. Broadcast details will be announced at a later date.

The six episodes will be shot over six months, with each expedition being shot over seven days. Production began on Roatan Island, travelling back in time to 1723, with Brett and Cliff on the run from pirates. Dressed in authentic period clothing, with period tools and little food, they must survive a full seven days amongst the hordes of jungle insects, alligator-like caimans, and venomous coral snakes.  Brett and Cliff will also travel to Arizona, Louisiana, Manitoba and Newfoundland.

The pilot, which was filmed last year and premiered in December on HISTORY, captured Brett and Cliff as they put themselves in a worst-case scenario from 1885 – as two gold prospectors who stayed deep in the Yukon wilderness late into the season, only to have their camp burn along with most of their belongings. Using only authentic clothing and tools, their goal was to make a punishing trek to the safety of the Yukon River in seven days, while staying one step ahead of hunger, plunging temperatures and sheer exhaustion.