Comments and queries for the week of Feb. 6

I was not able to view the  documentary Clara’s Big Ride and I was wondering if there is anyway to access it anymore? Thank you.—Gwen

Yes, you can view Clara Hughes’ inspirational cross-country adventure spotlighting mental health on

First of all I LOVE your “Notes and quotes” on Heartland and completely agree with them. Secondly, when I first saw Brooke, I knew I recognized her from somewhere. After some research, I found out the actress who plays her was Stephanie, one of the finalists of the CBC reality show Over The Rainbow a couple years back!—Luiza

Thanks for reading my weekly reviews of Heartland, and good eye! I recognized her too, but couldn’t recall where.

I still don’t understand Peter’s anger about the specialist on Heartland. It was a non-invasive consultation Katie probably won’t even remember next year that could have potentially improved her quality of life. All the other points seemed “relative” to the issues they’ve (not) been dealing with but that seemed unnecessary. Plus, although Peter hated the idea of the doctor he still attended the appointment. It’s not like Lou went behind his back.—Melissa

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