Review: Brawls, paintball and break-ups on 19-2

I honestly hope that’s not the last we see of Vince. By the end of “Tribes,” 19’s rookie cop was packing up his things, transferred out of the neighbourhood because the gal he’d had sex with in the bathroom filed a complaint when he started ignoring her. I may not have agreed with what he did, but Vince’s fresh-faced approach—and great repartee with J.M.—made for countless memorable moments, whether it be on the beat or during the paintball fight.

Oh, that paintball battle. Seeing all of those A-type personalities running around in the forest was a treat to see and pulled back the curtain on why Tyler’s been in such a good mood lately. After taking a break in an old truck, Tyler swallowed a palm of pills (likely uppers or painkillers) to keep him happy. But even when 19-2 was revealing dark secrets, there were still scenes of laughter on Monday. The ongoing feud between Ben, Nick and a squad of firefighters culminated in an all-out brawl at the paintball complex after drunk Vince set fire to one of the wooden shelters. Punches and paint balls rained down before the firefighters doused everyone with their hoses.

Ben, meanwhile, threw water on his marriage by telling Catherine he’s in love with someone else. The last we saw of Catherine, she was packing her bags. Unfortunately for Ben, he failed to consider the fact Amelie might not want him; a fact she was only too happy to fill him in on when Ben showed up to profess his love.

As for Nick, the mystery as to where his father ended up seems to be solved. After helping Kaz clear Rita of assault charges, Kaz took his cousin to a bridge pillar and explained Nick’s dad was encased in the structure. (I guess I should have seen the foreshadowing when Tyler and Bear made jokes about corruption surrounding Montreal’s construction jobs.)

Notes and quotes

  • “Sarge, it’s two for one!” You can’t pass up two for one paintball!
  • “Everyone loves firemen. We do not punch firemen.” Laughed out loud at Sgt. Houle’s line.
  • “I just shot you in the chest. You’re dead, retard.” Oh J.M. Always classy.
  • I’m glad Tyler is back, but I’ll miss Bear and Audrey as partners.
  • Who else thought Audrey and Nick were going to rekindle an old flame in the back of that school bus?

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