Link: “Seldom has a title been more descriptive than Schitt’s Creek”

From Brian Lowry of Variety:

TV Review: ‘Schitt’s Creek’
Seldom has a title been more descriptive than “Schitt’s Creek,” a tired reunion of SCTV’s Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara that makes a case for putting a cap on Canadian imports. Arriving in the U.S. on the rebranded Pop network, the half-hour series — created by Levy and his son Daniel — essentially builds a “Green Acres”-like show (with a pinch, perhaps, of “Arrested Development”) around a slim and juvenile pun, hoping the auspices and talent will carry through. Perhaps it will for Pop’s undemanding purposes, but that odor emanating from “Schitt’s Creek” is, at best, stale. Continue reading.