Preview: Hard Rock Medical checks in for Season 2

Back when I was working for another website, I ignored Hard Rock Medical. I’d spent some time in and around its setting of Sudbury, Ont., and quickly dismissed what I imagined would be a low-budget Grey’s Anatomy. That was stupid and arrogant of me, because Hard Rock Medical is incredibly addictive television.

Season 2 returns to TVO on Sunday night with two back-to-back storylines (each episode will be available online following broadcast on TVO’s website) that begins with a sweeping view of the rugged Canadian Shield and its exposed rock and proud pine forests.

Told over the soundtrack of Derek Miller’s bluesy guitar playing—while he portrays Kyle—”Trouble” quickly gets back into the swing of things. Gary and Cameron are discussing Eva, who has jetted to Los Angeles to record with Kyle and Gary’s pretty sure she’s avoiding his calls. Cameron, meanwhile, is lamenting the fact he isn’t sure where he’s headed in life.

That same confused direction applies to Charlie, who is spending his days poking through goat poop in the vain hope the missing diamond earrings will be located and he can pay off mounting bills. I immediately felt badly for sad-sack Charlie, whose only happiness appears to be the Harley Davidson he going to have to sell if the earrings don’t show up soon.

And while I know Patrick McKenna has done a lot of dramatic acting since he left The Red Green Show, it’s still jarring to see him in an adult role. I like him just fine on Remedy, but he’s much better on Hard Rock Medical playing troubled Dr. Fraser Healy. Content to just sit in the woods and drink his life away, Fraser is dark and broody, frustrated by Raymond, refusing to return to the hospital and hoping Nancy will stay by his side.

With the next term back in session, everyone is going to have to get back into the swing of things pretty quickly. I expect Fraser will report to work, but he’s not going to be happy about it or make things easy for Raymond.

Notes and quotes

  • Hard Rock Medical has one of the most inventive opening credits I’ve ever seen.
  • I’m thrilled that Hard Rock Medical allows Andrea Menard to show off her fantastic singing.
  • “I pick you.” I want one of Kyle’s guitar picks.

Hard Rock Medical airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TVO. Episodes are available for online viewing the day after broadcast.


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  1. this is, by far one of the best shows out there. And I agree with you, the opening credits are incredible. The talent in this show, both on screen and off are the best ! Can’t forget how amazing the sound track is too !!!

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