Links: The characters of Vikings season 3

From Amber Dowling of TV Junkies:

It’s a woman’s world in Vikings season 3
When the third season of hit Canadian co-produced series Vikings returns to television screens on Thursday night, it will continue its standing tradition of depicting its female characters the way not many shows nowadays do: as actual women. Continue reading.

From Melissa of The Televixen:

Clive Standen & Kevin Durand Discuss Season 3 of Vikings
It’s almost time for a new season of Vikings, and before tonight’s Season 3 premiere, Clive Standen (Rollo) and Kevin Durand (new character, Harbard) take us behind the shield wall and tease what’s coming up! There are some mild spoilers below, so be aware as you read on. Continue reading.

From Amber Dowling of Huffington Post Canada:

Clive Standen, Rollo On ‘Vikings,’ Talks Season 3 And Upcoming Rivalries
For two seasons on Canadian series “Vikings,” Rollo has gotten the short end of the stick; over and over again, he is forced to live in his brother Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) shadow. That rivalry will continue in Season 3, according to Rollo portrayer Clive Standen, who had a brief stop in Toronto recently to promote the historical drama. Huffington Post Canada caught up with the 33-year-old actor to talk about what’s in store for Rollo when the dark, sexy show returns this Thursday to History. Continue reading.