Links: X Company’s unique take on the WWII story

From Bill Brioux:

CBC WWII spy drama X Company hits the mark
The World War II spy drama hails from Flashpoint showrunners Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. They’ve kept this idea simmering on the back burner for nearly 15 years while Flashpoint and a few other projects got in the way. Continue reading.

From Melissa at The Televixen:

The Stars of X Company Discuss this Unique Take on the WWII Story
Before you head inside Camp X, the spy training facility on the shores of Lake Ontario that worked closely with Bletchley in England and gave birth to several CIA directors, we have this interview with some of X Company’s stars: Jack Laskey (Alfred Graves), Evelyne Brochu (Aurora Luft), Warren Brown (Neil Mackay), and Connor Price (Harry James). They shared their experience in bringing this story to life, and why this is a unique and fresh take on how the Allies won World War II. Continue reading.

From Denette Wilford of Huffington Post Canada:

‘X Company’ Review: CBC Delivers Another Much-Needed History Lesson To Canadians
The CBC had a hit with the recently wrapped “The Book Of Negroes,” so will newcomer “X Company” be a phenomenon as well, ratings and otherwise? From far away, the two series couldn’t be more different, but up close it’s amazing how much they have in common. Canadians know little about one of the country’s best-kept secrets — Canada’s role in the Allied victory — and the exploration and celebration of the story is long overdue. Continue reading.


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  1. As I was at work the night this aired and no longer have a working DVR, I was disappointed when i couldn’t watch X Company on the CBC website. Every time, for the past 5 months, that I have tried to watch a video on the CBC website, the same thing has happened–I am able to watch the first 5 minutes or so and then the video screen goes black with the sound still intact. I had to wait until today when X Company finally appeared on another website I go to to view episodes of shows I miss out on. I’m glad to say, the show was worth the wait. I was surprisingly impressed with the first installment of X Company. At times in the episode, I actually had tears in my eyes as it brought out some of my emotions. The ensemble cast is very good and the plot line is exciting yet realistic. I often think and wonder about what people actually went through during the war, a thought process often brought about by the Canadian veterans I care for through my work as a home care aide. I have one client, in his 90s, who was a soldier for the duration of the war from 1939 to 1945 and on my evening home visits he often tells me stories about his time in both France and Poland from the era. Sometimes, due to dementia, which causes lack of censorship on his part, he goes into major detail and some of the stories are quite horrifying. I see his picture, as a soldier, on his wall, and see the young man he once was and wonder what it was like back then. I see so many pictures of young men on walls in the homes of the elderly and wonder. Yesterday, I went to one elderly woman’s house and asked her about a picture of a soldier on the wall in her hallway. She said it was a picture of her husband’s brother who died in the war and that she had never met him, only had looked at his picture for 60 years on her hallway wall. What gets me about television series set in World War 2 (of which there are surprisingly very few compared to books and movies) is that I actually know people that were involved in it and it makes the event much more real for me. I am looking forward to seeing the second season of X Company.

    1. I meant second episode, not season, although I would like for that to happen too. By the way, any news on the ratings?

        1. 800,000 is okay. I wish it had gone over the 1,000,000 mark but promotion for it wasn’t the best. I saw several promos for Book of Negroes and Ascension and much fewer for X Company. The few promos I did see didn’t really show what the series was about so I was only cautiously optimistic about the ratings.

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