Link: CBC considering sale of downtown Toronto headquarters

From Jen Gerson of The National Post:

In the face of new technology and budget cuts, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is mulling the sale of its downtown Toronto headquarters, a move network officials admit may shake staff morale and its public image.

“I understand the attachment that people make to those kinds of symbols,” said Fred Mattocks, general manager of media operations and technology for CBC English services. “But our connection with Canada has never been about a building. It’s always been about programming and content.” Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: CBC considering sale of downtown Toronto headquarters”

  1. From this website article comes some info about why the CBC was originally established

    — today`s CBC had it`s origins in the 1920s and 30s because of concerns over American cultural expansion into Canada……that radio, like cinema, would become another avenue for the overwhelming influence of American popular culture in the lives of Canadians. Government intervention in order to create a national system of radio broadcasting was thus viewed as a necessary for promoting Canadian culture and national identity……the main purpose for a national broadcaster should be to produce programs of high standards from Canadian sources…….contribute to a shared sense of national identity within the Canadian fabric

    80 years later in 2015 I would have to say the CBC has totally failed it`s original mandate, and worse, even helped the American takeover and domination of our “airwaves“ and cable networks.

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