Review: 19-2 heads into a new direction

Quite often it’s the physical action on 19-2 that keeps me riveted to the screen. But there are times when conversations between the characters have me on the edge of my seat. That was certainly the case with Monday’s latest, “Tables,” when Ben finally came clean to Nick that he had been spying on him.

To say this was a relief for me is an understatement. Nick and Ben have developed into a fantastic partnership and having this hanging over them has made me feel very uneasy. To be honest, I was expecting major fireworks between the two once Nick found out—maybe a wrestling match like we saw in the cabin last season—but Nick was surprisingly cool even though Ben pulled his gun at the height of his fright. I’m guessing the fact Ben’s apartment was torn apart and his files stolen caused Nick to realize his partner wasn’t spying on him because he enjoyed it. Still, Ben betrayed Nick’s trust and they won’t simply bounce back from it in a week.

Nick’s own investigation into who the mole in 19 will certainly make strides in the right direction. Arresting the guy Nick saw in the pizza place—the same fellow who had the underage girl in the hotel room—and booking him on drug and weapons charges caused the fellow to request help from their “friend in 19” has gotten the ball rolling. From the way he’s been acting, it looks like Commander Gendron is the mole. He’s been pretty shifty lately and been caught looking out the window a lot, which means he’s reflecting on decisions he’s made in his life.

Past decisions revisited Bear this week. A call to a strip club reunited she and former girlfriend Mary Louise, who planted a big kiss on Bear—much to J.M.’s glee—and demanded a dinner date. Dinner went well, but some after-dinner oral sex seemed to go even better. I’m guessing the reunion, paired with Mary Louise’s desire to turn over a new leaf, means Bear will be questioning that life plan she’s got all figured out.

Notes and quotes

  • Kudos to composer Nicolas Maranda for creating haunting moments with 19-2‘s theme and background music.
  • I never realized the police were given a specific time during their shift to eat. I assumed they just did it whenever they were peckish.
  • I don’t know what “squished chicken” is, but I want some. With rice.
  • “I don’t mind a bit of grime.” Line of the night from J.M.

19-2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.