CBC announces 2015-16 lineup

From a media release:


  • DA VINCI’S INQUEST creator Chris Haddock returns to CBC with espionage thriller
  • New original productions include KIM’S CONVENIENCE from playwright Ins Choi & Kevin White
  • KEEPING CANADA ALIVE: the real-life drama of our healthcare system, captured over 24 hours
  • CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON with Jessi Cruickshank returns

CBC today announced the addition of 10 bold new original productions along with the renewal of 14 series. The schedule to date includes a diverse slate of new premium dramas (THE ROMEO SECTION, NEW ADDRESS, SHOOT THE MESSENGER), single-camera comedies (KIM’S CONVENIENCE and Bruce McCulloch’s YOUNG DRUNK PUNK), factual programming with both heart and humour (HELLO GOODBYE and STILL STANDING with Jonny Harris) as well as returning favourites. Additional announcements regarding documentary and arts programming, acquisitions, and specials will be made at a later date.

“I’m thrilled to welcome back to the CBC some of the finest creators in the country and to be working with extraordinarily talented voices, new to the CBC, whose stories will resonate with Canadian audiences,” said Sally Catto, General Manager, Programming, CBC Television. “I’m equally proud of our factual slate that connects and engages audiences across the country by showcasing personal, poignant and humourous moments in Canadians’ lives.”

CBC’s programming for 2015-2016 to date includes the following titles:


NEW ADDRESS (Sphère Média Plus) New
10 x 60 (Fall 2015)
The English adaptation of the hit Radio-Canada series NOUVELLE ADRESSE (previously announced).

THE ROMEO SECTION (Haddock Entertainment) New
10 x 60 (Fall 2015)
Acclaimed showrunner Chris Haddock (Da Vinci’s Inquest; Intelligence) returns to CBC with a Vancouver-based contemporary espionage thriller that centres on a veteran agent who sets out to recruit a high-value informant.

SHOOT THE MESSENGER (Hungry Eyes Entertainment) New
8 x 60 (2016)
This suspenseful drama by talented team Sudz Sutherland & Jennifer Holness follows a young journalist who, while working on her first murder case, becomes embroiled in a web of urban gangs, the political class, corporate powerbrokers and the police.

HEARTLAND (Seven24 Films and Dynamo Films) Returning
18 x 60 (Fall 2015)

MURDOCH MYSTERIES (Shaftesbury Films) Returning
18 x 60 (Fall 2015)

X COMPANY (Flashbang Productions, Temple Street Productions, & Ostar Enterprises) Returning
10 x 60 (2016)


KIM’S CONVENIENCE (Thunderbird Films & Soulpepper Theatre) New
13 x 30 (2016)
This adaptation of Ins Choi’s award-winning Canadian play, co-written by Choi and Kevin White, features a fiery patriarch struggling with changes within his business, family and their Toronto community of Regent Park.

6 x 30 (2016)
A subversive, all-female ensemble that features some of Canada’s best sketch comedians as they take aim right down the barrel of contemporary social trends, targeting passive-aggressive parenting, hipster culture and office politics.

YOUNG DRUNK PUNK (Accent Entertainment & Seven24 Films) New
13 x 30 (Fall 2015)
Inspired by Bruce McCulloch’s stage show of the same name, this semi-autobiographical series follows two recent high school graduates as they set out on a mission of self-discovery. This is a Rogers-CBC partnership.

MICHAEL: TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS (Rhombus Media) Returning
6 x 30 (2016)
This acclaimed and beloved series by Bob Martin and Don McKellar is back on the CBC. Season Two picks up five years later with Michael well established in his new city, and David struggling to continue his practice without the comfort of his twice weekly sessions with Michael.

SCHITT’S CREEK (Not a Real Company Productions) Returning
13 x 30 (2016)

MR. D (Topsail Productions & Gerard ADHD Entertainment) Returning
13 x 30 (2016)

RICK MERCER REPORT (Island Edge Inc.) Returning
19 x 30 (Fall 2015)

THIS HOUR HAS 22 MINUTES (DHX Media) Returning
19 x 30 (Fall 2015)

JUST FOR LAUGHS (Juste Pour Rire TV Inc.) Returning
4 X 60 (2015-16)

HALIFAX COMEDY FESTIVAL (Pilot Light Productions) Returning
6 X 30 (2015-16)

WINNIPEG COMEDY FESTIVAL (Frantic Films) Returning
5 x 50 (2015-16)


KEEPING CANADA ALIVE (Force Four Productions Ltd.) New
6 x 60 (Fall 2015)
In this highly ambitious and compelling series, 60 cameras across the country will film a single day in the life of our healthcare system, capturing all aspects of it from coast to coast to coast. What if we could see everything the healthcare system does in 24 hours? How would we feel?

HELLO GOODBYE (Pivotal Media) New
10 X 30 (2016)
In this series, a host draws out emotional stories from people in a vibrant Canadian airport. It reveals themes of love, family bonds, friendships, immigration, grief and joyful reunion. HELLO GOODBYE presents a window into our most emotional moments.

FOOL CANADA (Shaftesbury Films) New
10 X 30 (Summer 2015)
FOOL CANADA, hosted by comedic talent Will Sasso (MADtv), is a fun and witty social experiment that tests Canadians’ notorious politeness, patience and gullibility. Armed with a truckload of hidden cameras and devious disguises, Sasso and a team of comedians poke fun at what it means to be Canadian (previously announced).

STILL STANDING (Frantic Films) New
13 x 30 (Summer 2015)
STILL STANDING (a working title) is an irreverent and affectionate adventure through small-town Canada and a celebration of the people who live there. The show follows Jonny Harris as he visits small towns on the ropes, immersing himself in the lives of local residents and mining enough material to put on an original stand-up comedy routine for the locals (previously announced).

CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON (Media Headquarters) Returning
8 Total (1 x 120min & 7 x 60min) (Fall 2015)

DRAGONS’ DEN Returning
20 x 60 (Fall 2015)

130 x 60 (Fall 2015)

Further information about the 2015-16 season will be announced at a later date. For a full schedule of CBC’s winter programming, visit CBC.ca/Television.


4 thoughts on “CBC announces 2015-16 lineup”

  1. I’m thrilled to see the return of X Company and glad to see Heartland is coming back. None of the new shows really excite me except the healthcare one because I work in healthcare.

    1. I work in health care too, Alicia! Looking forward to that one – I heard about the filming and it sounded cool. I’m excited about Michael (of course), Chris Haddock (of course for those who followed the site in Intelligence days), and Kim’s Convenience (loved the play). Always hard to tell based on scant descriptions so I’ll reserve judgement on the others.

      My only surprise is Mr. D’s renewal despite low ratings, but Greg’s likely right in that sharing with Rogers made it affordable.

      I love that Murdoch fans are SO EXCITED. It was the closest thing to a sure thing here.

  2. No real surprises in this list unless you hadn’t heard the rumour about Chris Haddock’s new show. Heartland, Murdoch, 22 Minutes, Rick Mercer and other stalwarts continue to chug with good/great ratings.

    Interesting that Jonny Harris’ show has been bumped again (and renamed for, like, the second time).

    Assuming the same second-window deal for Mr. D is in place again to keep it going.

    I’m particularly excited to see where X Company will go in Season 2, as we’re already seeing some interesting storytelling just a handful of episodes in on Season 1.

    Biggest thrill for me is the return of Chris Haddock to CBC. I’ve loved everything he’s created for the network and I’m looking forward to The Romeo Section.

    Also excited about Baroness Von Sketch Show.

    Some may label this lineup as boring or not groundbreaking enough, but I’m willing to give the new shows a chance before I pass judgment like some will.

  3. I want to comment further on the 3 new CBC dramas for next year. I’m disappointed Pacific Spirit didn’t make the cut–it was a family drama that would have been the perfect companion and eventual successor to Heartland. Here are my thoughts for each of the 3 new dramas:

    The Romeo Section – I hate the title but I did like Chris Haddock’s previous drama, Intelligence. I usually like spy espionage thrillers but there’s not enough info available for it to get a clear idea about what this show is about.

    Shoot the Messenger – I really hate the title. The description doesn’t sound bad though but again, not enough is known about this show to decide if its worth watching or not. I’m hoping this isn’t just a boring generic procedural. I’m hoping it has a clearly Canadian setting and an ensemble of characters that we will really get to know. I’m hoping for more 19-2 than Flashpoint.The fact that it’s only an 8-episode season sounds promising and might denote quality rather than quantity.

    New Address – I really really hate the title as it doesn’t translate as well into English as it does in French. I like the description I read of the French series though and of all 3 of CBC’s new drama series, this one sounds the best to me. It’s an ensemble drama about a family in which the mother has cancer. I generally like dramas about families so this one could be a keeper. However, the title isn’t conducive to gaining viewers–I think it’s way too generic.

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