Tonight: Young Drunk Punk, Dragons’ Den, X Company

Young Drunk Punk, City – “Ian and Shinky Make a Move”

After seeing the film Eraserhead, Ian (Tim Carlson) and Shinky (Atticus Mitchell) decide to make their own movie using the security cameras at Brae Vista, forcing a tired Lloyd (Bruce McCulloch) to work overtime trying to figure out what’s going on. But when Helen (Tracy Ryan) tries to help out by giving Lloyd some suspiciously effective pep pills, things in Brae Vista start to go seriously off the rails.

Dragons’ Den, CBC
Business partners show the Dragons how they’ll wipe away the competition; one entrepreneur reveals his strategy in the Den; and a family promises their product will relieve the Dragons’ swelling desire for a successful brand. Plus, one business tries to prove they have the right ammunition to zero-in on becoming an industry leader.

X Company, CBC – “Kiss of Death”
The team infiltrates a brothel and a Gestapo headquarters as they battle to stop atomic research from falling into the hands of the Nazis. Meanwhile, things get personal for Aurora when she learns the tragic fate of her lover.