Comments and queries for the week of March 6

Readers headed online to comment about several things this week, including the Canadian Screen Awards and what we can do to fix them, and what Canadian literature should be the next project the CBC adapts for the small screen.

I think the awards should be pushed off a month or two so the actors can show up on the red carpet without winter coats. And is Orphan Black produced by BBC America? If thats true then I don’t feel its truly Canadian.—Tom

I was disappointed two years ago when they amalgamated the two awards. I personally think TV should have their own night as well as film. I do love Canadian Screen Week and the opportunity for fans to meet their favourite stars. I would hate for this industry to become Hollywoodized. We have our own culture but we are still very much in infancy and are still finding our way or “voice.” We do need much more support to get our films “out there and seen.” —Nancy


So many wonderful suggestions have been made already.

My suggestions are:

* Any of Miriam Toews’ novels would make great adaptations – in particular, I would love to see All My Puny Sorrows, A Complicated Kindness, or A Boy of good Breeding.

* Elizabeth Hay’s Late Nights on Air could be wonderful!

* Annabel, by Kathleen Winter – wonderful story, amazing settings.

* Galore, by Michael Crummey. I love this novel so much and it could be a brilliant TV series. —Jennifer

COPPERMINE by Keith Ross Leckie. A must. And a true story. And written by a screenwriter.—SW

I’d love to see The Orenda – history and gripping story.—Steve


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2 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of March 6”

  1. CBC should partner with “Canada’s History” magazine, with Paul Grosse as Director, the infinite wealth of stories in that magazine could not possibly be all done in less than 200 years, thus keeping everybody in Canada busy for a very long time to come.

    btw – imho – the book of negros was about as canadian a story as watching an american version of the war of 1812

    1. Another series that would be great is that youth book series called Dear Canada.

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