Review: Confusion reigns on 19-2

Monday’s newest episode of 19-2 was called “Babylon,” and a quick dictionary search came up with, in addition to being a city in Mesopotamia, the term “confuse.” That certainly jibes with what happened during the last 44 minutes of storyline.

There was chaos and confusion from the get-go, whether it meant 19 was helping clear out a warehouse occupied by protestors facing off against the police, or the circumstances surrounding Audrey’s two-month paid leave. The poor girl has been at the end of her rope this season and being assaulted by a protester in the dark, shooting a dog charging at Tyler and being doused by a bucket of human waste finally drove her over the edge: she attacked the douser with pepper spray and was given time off.

Confusion settled its claustrophobic grip around Tyler’s chest; the poor dude is afraid of the dark and being in the dim warehouse, lost and choking on tear gas caused him to leave Bear behind where she was kicked in the ribs and left injured. I’m not sure whether cops are tested for a fear of the dark, but I could certainly feel for Tyler; I was sitting on the couch in the daylight and I was having trouble breathing. Same goes for the scene between he and Paul. I rightly supposed the evicted man and his stroke-affected wife would return this week and they did in heart-wrenching fashion. After he pawned their TV, Paul’s wife was arrested trying to take it back, leaving him distraught enough he doused himself in gasoline and readied to flick his Bic. Enter Tyler, who soaked himself down in the liquid and talked Paul into calling off dying.

The Gendron storyline was almost a relief, but no less dramatic as Nick is convinced he is the mole in 19 and, even worse, may have molested his own daughter. That seems a little far-fetched even for 19-2, but then you never know. The show has thrown us shocking stories before.

Notes and quotes

  • Who else misses Vince?
  • Who else is upset there are only two episodes of 19-2 left?
  • Who is afraid that a major member of 19 is going to die by the end of this season?

19-2 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.