Tonight: The Nature of Things, Doc Zone, Storage Wars Canada, The Liquidator

The Nature of Things, CBC – “Safe Haven for Chimps”

It’s a well-known fact that chimpanzees are our closest living relatives. But what does that really mean? For many decades, it meant that chimpanzees were used as substitutes for humans. We are so like them that scientists believed that their bodies could be used to gain a deeper understanding of everything from brain function, to the efficacy of certain drugs. As Jane Goodall says in Safe Haven for Chimps, “chimps show there’s no sharp line dividing us from the rest of the animal kingdom.” Biomedical research on chimps has persisted, despite everything we’ve learned. The U.S. is one of the last countries to allow it. But now that’s changing, signaling an evolution in our thinking. Safe Haven for Chimps travels to the American Deep South to Chimp Haven sanctuary to meet a special group of chimps and their sanctuary staff, following a landmark decision in the U.S. to retire 300 federally-owned chimpanzees. It could mean the beginning of the end for all chimpanzees in research in the U.S.

Doc Zone, CBC – “Deluged by Data”
Deluged by Data begins with a familiar refrain: our ever-expanding digital age has swamped us under incoming emails, tweets, texts, alerts, photos, Facebook posts – and now, new bio-feedback data that peeks deep inside our bodies. But are these the tools for a happy new cyber era, or are they “weapons of mass distraction”? This eye-opening and entertaining new documentary by Montreal filmmaker Josh Freed reveals there are equal numbers of data lovers and data haters – with opposing visions.

Storage Wars Canada, OLN – “Roy Marks His Territory”
Tensions are still running high between Roy and Ursula at an auction in Thornhill, ON. Roy brings his dog for support, while Ursula does her best to ignore the S.O.B. (and B). Meanwhile, Paul and Bogart hope their life coach will give them a leg up, and Cindy can’t hear a word Rick or anyone else is saying.

The Liquidator, OLN – “Schwarz Team”
Direct Liquidation is expanding to a second location halfway across the country, forcing Jeff to do what he has never done before: put his business in someone else’s hands. But Jeff can’t stay at arm’s reach for long and ends up flying in to save the day – whether it wants to be saved or not. Meanwhile, trusting the wrong guy leaves Ian singing a sad song on a freezer deal. Will Jeff hear his tune and bail him out?

Vikings, History – “Scarred”
The victorious Wessex/Viking forces return to Wessex but there is rancour in the Viking camp – Floki is angry over the alliance with Ecbert and is resentful the influence that he feels Athelstan has over Ragnar. Princess Kwenthrith makes some calculating political moves following the battle at the Hill of the Ash in Mercia. Visitors from the past arrive in Hederby, at Kalf’s invitation.