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Want access to veterans of the screenwriting industry who can give you the education and skills development to further your career in writing, producing and directing? The Toronto Screenwriting Conference is for you.

The two-day event weekend event—on April 11 and 12—brings together expert creative talent, authors and speakers specializing in the craft of writing.

Among the highlights is a Writing Room Intensive with 19-2 showrunner Bruce M. Smith, where participants create a tent-pole episode of Bravo’s cop series. Also on tap: master classes with writer/director/producer David S. Goyer (Da Vinci’s Demons), and writers Salim & Mara Brock Akil (Girlfriends) and sessions titled Running the Show: Moving From Writer to Showrunner with Jeff Melvoin (Army Wives); You Have a Great Script, Now What? with Carole Kirschner; Creating the Successful TV Series Engine with screenwriter Corey Mandell; and What’s Up at NSI? with the National Screen Institute’s Shelly Tyler and Chris Vajcner. More speakers and sessions will be announced soon.

TV, eh? is proud to be the exclusive media sponsors for this year’s Toronto Screenwriting Conference, but we’re even more excited to offer our readers the chance to win two complimentary passes (valued at $838) to the weekend!

Simply comment below telling us why you’d like to attend and we’ll select two winners at random to attend next month’s event. The contest closes Friday, March 20, at noon PT/3 p.m. ET.

More information can be found at the TSC website.


32 thoughts on “Win passes to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference”

  1. Writing a screenplay, be it a spec script or pilot, is my new year’s resolution. Like most resolutions, I’ve neglected it so far. This would be a great way to kick it in gear.

  2. Love screenwriting! Been practicing the craft for many years. Would love to attend the conference to expand my knowledge.

  3. I’ve been privileged to volunteer at the TSC for the past two years and my knowledge and skill at writing has improved immeasurably from listening to the speakers. TSC is a great conference for screenwriters and I would love the opportunity to attend again.

  4. I’d love to make the trip in from Calgary for this. I’ve recently restarted my writing and absorbing all this great knowledge would really help me take it to the next level before I put the final polish on my contest submissions for the year.

  5. I never considered myself a writer, just a director. But I have so many ideas in my head. Learning more of the craft and structure of screenwriting will help get those ideas on to paper and realized into full films.

  6. My agent thinks it’d be good for me and I figure he’s bound to be right about something eventually.

  7. I’m a broke screenwriter hustling to create great, story-driven content for Canadian film and television! In a country where the competition is fierce and money is scarce, attending the TSC would be invaluable for networking opportunities.

  8. It ain’t easy being green, but a weekend surrounded by professionals sharing their time and knowledge would certainly help.

  9. juggling five kids,two jobs, two writing projects and my first option deal. Would love the opportunity to learn from the pros.

  10. I have been for the past two years, and the sessions have blown me away. People STILL talk about Michael Arndt’s talks from last year! So I’d love to go, because I’ve found my writing has grown SO MUCH since I’ve been going – and I’d like to keep on that trajectory, pretty please.

    Also: my name is also Diane. Cheers!

  11. I have never been able to go but I would absolutely love to! It sounds like a valuable experience and I’m hoping one year I can attend :)

  12. I would love to attend this year as I’m currently a marketer looking to change her life and break into screenwriting. These conferences are extraordinarily valuable for information and inspiration to keep on trucking! As a mixed race woman, I feel like I have underrepresented stories to tell!

  13. Since volunteering for the first TSC way back when I was a student at Ryerson I’ve been trying to find an opportunity to get back! A series of unfortunate events; timing, finances, or work have done their utmost to keep me from attending since! This provides a fantastic opportunity for me to return to the Conference and back in its unique inspiring glow. Thanks for the opportunity and as always, keep up the good work eh!

  14. I’ve wanted to work in film and TV my entire life. Now it’s more competitive than ever, so I need to learn from the best. TSC is a great opportunity to meet other writers, at all levels, and share in their knowledge.

  15. I’m an aspiring writer of hour long dramas, recently graduated from U of T. As an outsider looking in on a career path, going to a conference to learn from others who have broken in to a daunting and rewarding industry would be a necessary dream come true. Learning any chance I get is what it’s all about.

  16. I would love to attend the Canadian Screenwriting Conference because it’s a rare opportunity to hear today’s industry leaders talk about the craft and what strategies have led to their success. If you fancy yourself a scriptwriter, why WOULDN’T you want to go?!

  17. There are so many great speakers, but I would LOVE to attend the master class with Salim and Mara Brock Akil. It’s a rare and excellent opportunity to hear and learn from highly successful Black showrunners, especially for someone who wants to be one herself.

  18. I’m still fairly new to screenwriting so this would be an amazing opportunity to expand my knowledge!

  19. I’ve always been a writer and screenwriting is just a hobby for me–I’ve taken some screenwriting classes in the past for fun and written some of my own stuff, but while I would really enjoy writing for a tv series, I know in my heart that I’m happy in my own neck of the prairies in small town Saskatchewan and won’t move away again. Big city living just wasn’t for me. I’m gonna stick to writing my own stories. With screenwriting, also, you have very little control of the finished product and that would be frustrating for me.

  20. I’m a Toronto-based writer, just got pre-development funding on my first series, and would love the opportunity to attend the conference. This would be the perfect time for me to immerse myself in two days of first rate speakers and workshops, and bring back some new know-how to the project I’m working on.

  21. I’d like to go to this, because my pal and I have a great series we’d like to pitch and all the advice and help we could get would be grand.

  22. I’d like to attend the TSC for one reason and one reason alone, among many more. My love for writing sometimes takes over and my scripts balloon from 30 pages to an unheard-of 32 pages. I can’t help it. I need help! I’m addicted to writing more than what needs to be on the page. I love the concept of the KISS formula. They say “keep it short simpleton”… or something like that . Who’s ‘they’? The pros at TSC. So… to keep this post as short as possible, I would greatly benefit from attending the Toronto Screenwriting Conference in the month of April in the year 2015, so I can learn from the best and brightest screenwriters around about writing and rewriting my original writing in a clean, concise manner.

  23. I’m a stand-up comedian, but I love the distinct way you can tell a story through scriptwriting. I’m a big believer that surrounding yourself with great people can make you good, and this conference would be such a great opportunity for me.

  24. Always looking for ways to improve the craft. I’ve attended once before, found the experience immensely rewarding. Great talks, great people.

  25. Screenwriting is my passion! I would be extremely happy to win two passes to this years Toronto Screen Writing Conference. I’m currently developing a television (tween) series. This would be an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the top industry professionals and network with my peers. Wow..fingers crossed!

  26. because one day I will take over the world, and someone will have to write the film…

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