AMI explores the accessibility of major Canadian cities in new TV series

From a media release:

Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) announced today that it will air a new original series that addresses the question: just how accessible are some of Canada’s major cities?

The four-part special, entitled Access Unlimited, is produced in partnership with Summerhill Media Inc. and travels across the country with stops in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Halifax. Each 30-minute episode follows three local residents and examines their daily routine – everything from their commute to work, to visiting a local museum, to playing with their kids in the park. Those featured in the episodes are living with either vision loss or mobility restriction that can present a unique set of challenges when navigating their respective city. Episodes will also feature interviews with experts and decision makers including transit officials, politicians and accessibility innovators.

In keeping with AMI’s mandate of making accessible media for all Canadians, the series will feature embedded described video, integrating natural environmental sounds while interviewees describe actions and surroundings as needed. AMI hopes the series will inform residents of accessibility initiatives or lack thereof, inspire those living with a disability to travel and engage in their community, and encourage cities across Canada to be innovative and conscientious in terms of accessibility.

From March 23 to 26 Access Unlimited will air every night at 8 pm beginning with the Toronto episode, followed by Montreal, Halifax and Vancouver. Episodes will also be available with the AMI-player on one week after the initial air date. AMI-télé will air the series in French under the name Villes Accessibles at a later date.


3 thoughts on “AMI explores the accessibility of major Canadian cities in new TV series”

  1. Of course they skip the 3 prairie provinces…This kind of show really interests me but once again I’m left disappointed. However, I’m still happy over the news Big Brother Canada actually selected a Saskatchewan contestant this year so I guess you win some you lose some.

  2. Premise sounds intriguing, might watch… but regionalism rears up and says, what?!? Only Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and Vancouver?!? Where’s the Prairie love?!? You gonna do a show about Edmonton?!?? Let me know when you do. Until then….

    1. Hey, when you live where I do, you get tired of always hearing about Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver or Halifax. The roots of Western alienation run deep. Yes, I’m a whiner but I’ve had plenty of reason to gripe over the years. You know how people here are always talking about how we should have more and better Can-con? Well, just call me the Sask-con advocate.

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