Comments and queries for the week of March 20

The bulk of the comments this week revolved around the CRTC’s latest decision regarding Canadian TV production and whether or not X Company‘s lead character, Alfred, has been captured by the Germans and we’re looking back at what has already happened to the team. Also a hot topic: our contest to snag a pair of passes to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference.

It’s disheartening to see the CRTC choosing which genre the country’s industry will make. Canadian kids TV is very successful internationally—and popular with Canadian viewers too—but every discussion ends up being about primetime, always. Caillou was more successful than Flashpoint, but you’d never know to hear industry folks talk.—Lisa

I like what the CRTC has done here. Contrary to the U.S. tradition of buying “cheap Canadian exports” in the summer, we do have talent and culture up here that I think should be given support. Fittingly, a show that does well in the ratings for summer here and balances being Canadian with being just plain *good* is The Amazing Race Canada. All of its first season and most of its second took place here and it felt positive for Canada without being overdone. And was just plain fun to watch at times. I had no idea we had a desert right in the middle of the Yukon. But it follows the U.S. format so it attracts all those fans right off the bat, and airs after the U.S. one is done for the season. Honestly, if I were a U.S. network, I’d want that on in summer. It’s just like the U.S. one while appreciating Canada.—Dan


Another hint [in X Company]: in the previous episode, in the blue “cell,” Alfred tears up and eats a passport photo of Aurora that he had foolishly kept on his person (sort of lying to his boss about having disposed of it) after swiping it from a German intelligence file during a break-in. He would probably only do that if having that photo on him was a liability, i.e. he was captured… —Mark


I have been [to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference] for the past two years, and the sessions have blown me away. People STILL talk about Michael Arndt’s talks from last year! So I’d love to go, because I’ve found my writing has grown SO MUCH since I’ve been going—and I’d like to keep on that trajectory, pretty please.—Diane

Juggling five kids, two jobs, two writing projects and my first option deal. Would love the opportunity to learn from the pros.—Adam

I’m a broke screenwriter hustling to create great, story-driven content for Canadian film and television! In a country where the competition is fierce and money is scarce, attending the TSC would be invaluable for networking opportunities.—Mary

I never considered myself a writer, just a director, but I have so many ideas in my head. Learning more of the craft and structure of screenwriting will help get those ideas on to paper and realized into full films.—Brad

I would love to attend the Canadian Screenwriting Conference because it’s a rare opportunity to hear today’s industry leaders talk about the craft and what strategies have led to their success. If you fancy yourself a scriptwriter, why WOULDN’T you want to go?!—Justin

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