Discovery debuts home reno competition Blood, Sweat & Tools

From a media release:

Tool belts fastened, hard hats on, and home improvement wannabees ready to nail it! From the producers of MASTERCHEF CANADA and CANADA’S WORST DRIVER comes the new series BLOOD, SWEAT & TOOLS, featuring a lively battle among five of Canada’s most inept home renovating couples competing for a life-changing $50,000 cash prize. Airing Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning April 13 on Discovery, the hilarious nine-episode season is filled with chaos that tests domestic bliss.

Set in the iconic cottage country of Northern Ontario, BLOOD, SWEAT & TOOLS features five duos of hapless handypersons performing all manner of home renovation challenges, from installing toilets and outdoor showers, to building gazebos and repairing roofs. The teams work to impress three experts – Rob Koci of Canadian Contractor magazine, fourth-generation tradesman and carpenter, Helder Brum, and power tool expert Hillary Manion – with successful Do It Yourself (DIY) home repair projects in a bid to be named “Most Improved.” The couples must perform these DIY tasks quickly and to exacting specifications. Then, following eight episodes of hammering it out to stay alive in the competition, the final decision is left up to Canada with viewers determining the winning couple LIVE during the season finale episode. Votes will be cast throughout the finale broadcast via text and social media. Complete voting details will soon be announced.

Meet the BLOOD, SWEAT & TOOLS competitors:

Tyler and Danielle, Woodstock, Ont.
When it comes to handiwork, Danielle is referred to as “The Tasmanian Devil” by her husband Tyler. They’re recently married and Tyler worries about this one-woman demolition diva wreaking havoc in their new dream house in Woodstock, Ont. And with good reason! Her favourite tool is a sledgehammer which she uses liberally, no matter the job.

Nicole and Jake, Mission, B.C.
Jake is a handyman wannabe. He’s got the belt, the safety glasses, the tools…just not the skills. His wife Nicole says he’s delusional. He actually thinks he’s top notch, boasting about his half-finished projects and saying “he’ll get back to them eventually.” He moves from project to project, leaving wanton destruction in his wake.

Fabian and Luayn, Teeterville, Ont.
Improvisation is a good thing in comedy. But handiwork? Not so much according to Luayn, who’s sick and tired of her husband Fabian’s jimmied, makeshift, and sloppy home repair efforts. Fabian argues that he likes to wing it, and that his work is “fine” or “good enough.” Of course this sends Luayn into a tailspin (it doesn’t help that she’s a Virgo). Fabian has to learn that cutting corners just doesn’t cut it when it comes to home repairs.

Steve and Richelene, Winnipeg
Richelene lives with Steve…a MacGyver-like character who’s made their home a monument to bad renovations. Steve has enthusiasm to burn, tackling every project with gusto and imagination. But his self-described flair for originality has gotten the better of him countless times. For example, he repaired a bathroom leak using plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Jesse and Holly, Penetanguishene, Ont.
Jesse and Holly could probably complete most of the unfinished projects in their home if they only learned to work together. But with one being a control freak and the other a micromanager, their home is in utter chaos. Jesse insists on doing projects his way, whether he has the skills or not. And Holly’s the backseat driver, barking orders at every step – whether SHE has the skills or not.