Tonight: Remedy, Big Brother Canada, Tiny Plastic Men

Remedy, Global – “Playing Doctor Conner”
Griffin and Zoe adapt to being roommates. While Griff porters around outpatient Jayne Baugher to her various appointments, Jayne dies unexpectedly while under Griff’s supervision, and he is required to answer to an inquiry underway to assess his (and Beth-H’s) liability. While Allen works to increase his efficiency in the ER, he is able to correctly diagnose a patient with a serious condition whom others have dismissed as merely an annoyance. Sandy Conner, on her first day back from maternity leave, locks horns with her strict new supervisor Jason.

Big Brother Canada, Global
One houseguest will win the coveted Power of Veto—the ability to veto a nominee up for eviction.

Tiny Plastic Men, Super Channel – “The Holiday Special”
To save time and money, Alexandra has taken every major holiday in the year and combined them into one company party. Everyone is excited for their favorite holiday, while Crad wants to use the festivities to finally make some headway with Alex. Will Crad get a New Year’s kiss or some Valentine’s romance, or will he just be an April Fool?