Review: Mothers and children on Remedy

After a couple of weeks where Allen was a big part of its episodes, Remedy really opened up the floor for the rest of the cast to shine.

“Life in Technicolour” jumped ahead three weeks in time from last Monday. Mel and Cutler are a major thing—she’s addicted to sexy times with him and ignoring her co-parenting responsibilities with Sandy—and Griff has advanced from pills to cocaine. Monday’s storyline also featured the return of Rebecca, who played a key part for all the wrong reasons.

I’ve been a fan of Martha Burns since Slings & Arrows, so I was giddy to see her get some major screen time, even if things didn’t turn out so well for her. Who else felt badly for Rebecca when Maya tumbled off the change table and onto the bathroom floor? As Sandy said at the end of the episode, it could have happened to anyone. But not everyone has the track record Rebecca does; her history of alcoholism had everyone on the attack. Dudes, she felt badly enough. Cut her some slack. Luckily, Maya turned out to be OK, but I’m not sure Mel is ready to give Rebecca another chance at babysitting.

If anything, the incident has re-focused Mel. Sure, rolling around with Dr. Stubble is fun (just how does he get that stubble so perfectly trimmed?), but her job is to save lives, not let her hair down (literally) in a storage room whenever she feels the need for some wiener. As an aside, I really did enjoy “rocker” Mel in the O.R. Listening to alternative rock and cutting without a guide was cool to see, but it’s clearly not who she really is. She could have killed the guy after going ahead and trying to remove that tumour without help or a consult.

Of course, the complications meant Sandy was able to seize the day and smooch with Gord, Mr. Spleen’s friend. I noticed Gord (Falcon Beach‘s Steve Byers) is around next week too, so expect a little more between he and Sandy. She needs that kind of attention after devoting the last eight months to taking care of Maya. No dates does not a pretty young lady make. (The writers may throw us a curveball with Gord. He kissed Sandy, but why is he listed as Mr. Spleen’s sole emergency contact?)

Finally, we have Griff. Yes, he redeemed himself by the end of the night by dumping his coke and pills down the toilet, but if it wasn’t for Leona and Zoe, I wonder how far he would have gone? His attempt to have the estranged women reconnect was thwarted by Zoe, but he learned a valuable lesson about love and loss from Leona. That knowledge cut through Griff’s high and he realized he needed to stop what he was doing before it led to a lifetime of regrets.

Notes and quotes

  • “You are a bad influence. You are one of the bad kids.” Of course Mel likes a bad boy. Who doesn’t?
  • “Put some makeup on. You’re starting to look splotchy.” Rebecca, always with the great lines.
  • “Anal singeing” is a term? Cool.
  • “Why is your hair down like that? You look like you’re in a shampoo commercial.” — Sandy
  • “This is what it’s like dating me. It’s not all incredible sex. I hope you’re up for it.” — Mel, to Cutler


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4 thoughts on “Review: Mothers and children on Remedy”

  1. Remedy might be my favourite current Canadian show right now despite the return of Orphan Black. I like all the family dynamics within the same hospital. It gives the medical drama genre a tad of originality and I’m really liking it. Niall Matter has been a good addition to the cast. There’s also been some great dialogue this season. In particular, I really enjoy the scenes between Mel and Sandy. I’m surprised that Dr. Tuttle was written out; her character had just the right amount of antagonism for the show. The only thing I am not liking is the relationship between Griff and Zoe. He needs to be sober a lot longer before getting into a relationship. However, I like Zoe’s scenes with the rest of the Conners, including Sandy.

    1. Also, I wish Bruno would get a storyline. I found him an interesting character but he seems to have disappeared from the show.

  2. I also noticed by reading the synopsis of the next episodes that Griff’s addiction gets worst. Why would he get back into it again??

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