Comments and queries for the week of May 1

Canadian TV reboots: yay or nay?

Greg, the two X-Files movies were AWFUL? Harsh! I know the second one doesn’t get a lot of respect (though I’ve warmed to it more over the years), but I loved the first one! Anyway, I too am giddy about the six-episode revival. Fingers crossed it’ll be great. Another revival I’m looking forward to is Heroes Reborn, despite the fact the series got progressively worse after the stellar first season. Love your DaVinci MP idea. It would be cool to see Dominic doing his thing on the Hill, especially if it meant it could be filmed right here in Ottawa. — JeffDJ

I’d watch a log gathering show! It’s about the characters not the premise, and for The Beachcombers especially the setting too. — Steve

I see you’ve forgotten about the Canadian classic The Trouble With Tracy. — Lee

Home Factory shopping

How can I get the name of the company that was making the toques on the first episode? — W Flower

The toque company is the Tuck Shop.

Love for Canadian TV cops

What about Officer Friendly (Harold Ramis) from SCTV? — Richard

It is true that there are a whole bunch of shows listed that I have not watched. And Intelligence is my all-time favourite show. But Mary Spaulding was an amazing cop, conflicted but effective and powerful. — Suzanne

What about the wonderful Nick Knight on Forever Knight? — Aliesha


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