Review: Rock bottom on Remedy

So Griff is back at square one, and I gotta say I’m not too happy about it.

See, I thought Griff and Zoe were going to be an unstoppable team, a couple that supported each other through good and bad. After everything Griff went through last season—kicking drugs, earning his family’s trust and deserving a second chance to be a dependable dude—and this is where we’re left? Griff fired from work, kicked out of the apartment and walking down the street alone? I trust Remedy‘s writing team immensely and having Griff backslide is certainly realistic. But as a Remedy fan? I don’t like that I’ve gone through a roller coaster with him this year only to see this happen again. With only three more episodes to go, can Griff pull off a happy ending? Doubtful.

Mel certainly looks happy, doesn’t she? Though part of me really wanted to see Mel play floor hockey, she and Cutler needed to chat about Dallas. And unless there is a major shakeup on the show, Mel won’t be going to the Lone Star state. Still, Cutler is good for her and perhaps she’ll spend a few weeks with him down there. Assuming, of course, that he really does leave Beth-H in his rear view mirror. After spending her time worrying about what her family thinks, it was a major triumph for Mel to shed that and let loose with Cutler for the night. (And she looked pretty damned good in that cowboy hat.)

“Everything in Moderation” also featured an interesting storyline concerning Faith (Bahia Watson), a young woman with anxiety issues and missing her dead mother. Migraine headaches, coughing up blood and dizziness concerned Allen immensely and it took until nearly the end of the episode for him to figure out Faith had become infected with a hantavirus from mouse droppings. (Insert shudder here.) Allen’s need to parent Griff matched perfectly with Faith’s feeling of loss; the two made a cute pair if just for a few moments.

Also, was anyone else hoping Darryl Sittler would do a little more than what he did?

Notes and quotes

  • I love Nurse Patel. There, I said it.
  • Sandy trying to get her patient to eat by treating her like Maya was hilarious.
  • That young guy really, really, doesn’t want to work construction.

Remedy airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Global.


3 thoughts on “Review: Rock bottom on Remedy”

  1. Generally, I am not a huge hockey fan, (there’s only 7 teams I’m interested in), however, my hometown being “The City of Champions”, I quite naturally root for the Oilers. (and the Eskimos, the Rush,…) so Darryl Sittler’s cameo was only marginally interesting to me– not knowing his particular career narrative…. but in retrospect, it did seem kind of unnecessary, not pivotal or central to the story, perhaps it was more symbolic than functional, I’m not sure… I will say this however– I do appreciate the attempt to incorporate Canadian celebrities into shows, although here in Remedy it didn’t seem to work as well as it would have in Corner Gas, or even–going waay back a bit now…. to a certain episode of Street Legal, where Murray McLauchlan portrayed a folksinger going to court– (and famously paying his fines in empty beer bottles!) Man, they gotta bring back Street Legal!!!
    The oddest (so far that I’ve seen) cameo of this sort was sitting PM Stephen Harper behind the sgt’s desk on the set of Murdoch Mysteries, and Crabtree turns to him and says, “For God’s sake, man– that’s the Prime Minister!” (as an actor portraying Sir Wilfred Laurier walks through the scene). Hilarious!

  2. I liked the “insert shudder here” comment. I had a shudder of my own when I saw that. I have a phobia of mice and hearing things like that tend to freak me out.

    As for Zoe and Griff, I never bought into them as a couple. I always found their pairing a tad contrived with zero chemistry and much too rushed–they moved in together way too soon. Also, Griff needs to spend a heck of a lot more time sober before he can even think of being in a relationship. He really should have stayed living with his father. I’m really disappointed that the writers decided to make Griff relapse–hopefully they’ll be able to write his character back to better health soon.

    I really hope Cutler stays at Beth-H. I really think the character was a great addition to the show and we only just met him. And I will be mad if Mel is gone because the best parts of the show are her interactions with her sister but I doubt she’s leaving.

    We saw a brief glimpse of Bruno. I feel he’s a sorely underused character that I want to know more about.

    I am really liking Remedy this year. I think it’s caught its stride. I look forward to it week after week and I watch the show soon after it airs which is more than I can say for a lot of Canadian shows.

  3. I was a big fan of Master Chef Canada until they brought back 3 of the eliminated contestants. 2 have since been eliminated but Cody is still there. Why weren’t the others who were eliminated not brought back. I think this is really unfair to the contestants who are still working hard. It is suppose to be a contest and once eliminated that should be it. It is very unfair to the others & these 3 were back just because they were a favourite of a judge. I won’t watch again .

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