Link: Netflix’s ‘Between’ Puts a Polite Damper on Growing Old

From Mike Hale of The New York Times:

Netflix’s ‘Between’ Puts a Polite Damper on Growing Old
Not all Netflix series are created equal. “Between,” a Netflix original whose six-episode first season begins appearing weekly on this video-streaming site on Thursday, is a Canadian science-fiction series — Netflix money, north-of-the-border talent and formulas. So we’re talking about something a lot closer to the Syfy channel — home of Canadian shows like “Bitten,” “Lost Girl” and “Continuum” — than to “Daredevil” or “Orange Is the New Black.” Continue reading.


One thought on “Link: Netflix’s ‘Between’ Puts a Polite Damper on Growing Old”

  1. I guess I should reserve judgment about the show until I actually see it but this is another article written by someone who looks down on the sci-fi genre, something I’ve seen all too often. At least this critic actually talked about the episode rather than dismissing the premise and writing it off. I won’t get a chance to watch Between until tomorrow evening but I do like the trailer and it is my type of show. I do like dystopic fiction. The 100, for example, is a series I really enjoy watching.

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