Tonight: Bahama Blue

Bahama Blue, Love Nature – “The Sand Flats”
Beyond the iconic and pristine white beaches of the Bahamas, the Sand Flats are home to fierce Iguanas, camouflaging stingrays, and the beautiful bottlenose dolphin. All of this sand is the surprising waste product produced by resident parrotfish nibbling on coral, producing one tonne of sand per fish every year. Each species relies on the surprising abundance in the sand flats both onshore and off. Green sea turtles spend most of their lives grazing on the sea grasses of the sand flats. Stingrays use incredible electro sensitivity to locate crustaceans hidden away in the sand. The creatures of the sand flats have unique skills for turning seemingly desert conditions, in to an advantage.


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  1. Ha! It’s the usual “Tonight” post with an episode description. It just happens to be the only Canadian show on tonight, or the only one I have a description for anyway.

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