Global cancels Remedy after two seasons

Showrunner Greg Spottiswood’s tweet killed fan hope that Remedy, Global’s middling-rated hospital drama, would be back for a third season. The series starred Dillon Casey and Enrico Colantoni as father and son doctors, as well as Sara Canning, Sarah Allen, Genelle Williams, Niall Matter, Diego Fuentes and Patrick McKenna .

The double-episode season ender aired this past Tuesday rather than the series’ usual Monday timeslot — perhaps a sign Global wasn’t going to try nurturing it into higher ratings.


3 thoughts on “Global cancels Remedy after two seasons”

  1. Dangnabbit. I really liked Remedy too. It had such a good cast and writing. This cancellation kind of hit me by surprise but in reflection I should have expected this from Global which has a poor history with its Canadian series. The season finale really left me wanting to see more so it’s cancellation is a real disappointment for me.

  2. Truly sad to hear – loved all the folks working on the show! Proud to have been a part of Beth H staff!

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