Comments and queries for the week of May 29

Remedy showrunner urges support of Canadian TV

I am a native Californian, so though I cannot speak for all, most, or perhaps even many U.S. viewers, I can speak for my immediate circle of somewhat discerning friends … we LOVE Canadian programs!

That is, when we can find them, bleed them out of the otherwise amorphous glut of American shows, or game the web so that the Canadian shows are not blocked to us.

I have no idea who is the thinker behind the idea that U.S. audiences need to think that a show takes place south of the U.S./Canadian border in order to gain a viewership. What a show needs is to be worth a damn! BBC and other foreign programming does quite OK.

My first real hook, Flashpoint, eventually went open with its location, which anyone paying attention already knew long before, yet remains one of the best police procedurals ever shown on U.S. TV. Thanks to Flashpoint, I discovered the cast and began to backtrack their work as I am able, so now my default DVR programming includes anything with Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon, etc. If more Canadian shows were allowed to come into the world of U.S. streaming or broadcast as Canadian shows they might actually do BETTER than they do when trapped as one option of many among what most of us have little time to wade through on the daily dose of mediocre regular U.S. fare. —Artemio

I don’t support any Canadian shows that cater to Americans. Why can’t we show the flag, or wear emblems that let other countries know it is Canadian? Orphan Black and Schitt’s Creek are a disgrace to this nation. We have awesome Canadian programming that is shown worldwide yet we don’t promote Canada, and I agree with the CRTC: If you cannot say it is Canadian, we will not fund it. Stop trying to impress America by being neutral in our shows. It is Canadian and be proud of it. Murdoch rules, and it is in 125 countries around the world, and only on rare and selected PBS stations in the U.S., who cares about them.? Why are we so afraid about what America thinks? —Jeanne

I thought that Season 2 of Remedy was much improved over the first season. I got invested in the characters, and liked them all. I was irritated by Griffin’s behaviour, but realised that it was realistic. I am really sorry that there won’t be a third season, I’m sure it would have been even better. —Lily

And the MasterChef Canada winner is…

My wife and I love the show. We live in the States, where we can’t get MasterChef Canada, so I stream it. David was a solid choice and my wife’s favourite from the get-go. We eagerly await Season 3 and will fill the time watching the inferior American version which just started. —Tom

True Love’s Kiss on Orphan Black

Oh yeah, this was the top episode of the season so far. Agree with you on finally liking Paul. I wish I could find the soundtrack for the last five minutes of the episode.  Also enjoyed the new side of Felix and surprisingly felt bad for Rachel. Towards the end I think Felix felt he went too far and backed off partially out of shame.

Never fully trusted Delphine and I’m glad I didn’t, missing Cosima is no excuse for using resources to stalk her. You creep on her Facebook if you want but that’s it! She’s really become the new Rachel: drinking while sadly looking at video of someone you love whose not in your life anymore.

Alison did talk briefly with Cosima about her health last week. Alison wouldn’t be useful in fighting the military she doesn’t have the skills our resources Dyad and Mrs. S do. She’s the most “boxed-in” narrative wise with a table family and two-not important kids. A housewife isn’t special to Dyad and her personal life makes her hard to disappear if Castor or anyone tried. But they cannot cut out the family angle as suburbia is Alison’s domain and at the core of her character. Next week looks to have a lot to do with the Hendrixes so we’ll see. —Dan

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