Coming soon-ish: The Code and Houdini & Doyle

While Global has no scripted Canadian series in its just-announced fall lineup,  and they recently cancelled Remedy, the network did use the opportunity to — look, shiny thing over there! —  remind us they have a couple of new shows coming up at some unspecified point in the future (aka when they’ve been produced and when Global has a spot open in its schedule that doesn’t have an American simulcast in it) .

Besides a new cycle of Big Brother Canada and rumours of an unexpected new season of Rookie Blue, Global has a couple new series in the works — The Code and Houdini and Doyle — and gives us some tidbits.

The Code is the working title of a  procedural drama series starring Jason Priestley,  who is also an executive producer. He plays “an ex-pro hockey player who uses his celebrity status and reputation as an enforcer on the ice in his new gig as a crime-solving PI.” Because Canadian TV has a dearth of crime procedurals with a “twist” apparently. But I’m open to seeing what’s next for the actor, late of my beloved Call Me Fitz. I presume someone will be writing the show, too, but no word on that.*

House creator David Shore and fellow House writer David Hoselton bring us the supernatural crime series Houdini and Doyle, a co-production that will apparently also air on Fox and the UK’s ITV and is “inspired by the real-life friendship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini.” I’m pretty much on board with anything from the people behind the show that started my online TV writing habit.

Global hasn’t committed to scheduling for any of their Canadian series yet but if the past is any indication, don’t hold your breath until at least spring 2016.


* EDIT: A Twitter follower points out it must be an adaptation:


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  1. Why did they cancel “Remedy” . It was a very good show with good actors. Please bring it back.

  2. So they cancel Remedy and replace it with bulltweed? I guess it’s to be expected from Global.

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