Link: On the Set of ‘Orphan Black’ With Tatiana Maslany as She Reveals Her Dream Co-Star

From Etan Vlessing of The Hollywood Reporter:

On the Set of ‘Orphan Black’ With Tatiana Maslany as She Reveals Her Dream Co-Star
“Everybody wants me so badly to want an Emmy nomination. I just want to work on a cool movie with Paul Thomas Anderson, or I want to work with a cool actor like Jake Gyllenhaal. That means something to me,” she says, newly sprung from the hair and makeup chair between scenes. Continue reading.


3 thoughts on “Link: On the Set of ‘Orphan Black’ With Tatiana Maslany as She Reveals Her Dream Co-Star”

  1. Maslany said she is VERY Canadian – make that was – if ever – I predicted she’d go “Hollywood” – just like the two guys who created and made OB

    they and the show have lost my respect

    Sarah Polley said the same – and meant it – done a few things down south but she’s stayed in Canada – bless her Canadian heart and soul

  2. I meant “tripe.” Parochial tripe. Not “trollop,” which of course is a value judgement I would have no way of knowing and is rather ad hominem besides.

    I am merely pointing out that the poster posts the exact same thing every time, and his view is one end of the “crazy continuum” that creatives in this country have to negotiate with every show we make. On this end, we have hard ultra-nationalist, America-hating, where every time there’s not a flag and a waving mountie and a toonie in the shot screams, “sellout” — and on the other (extreme) end is, “nothing worthwhile ever made here because gubbmint & CBC bad & sure I haven’t watched a show here since the one with the Dog who saved people but dagnabbit, I know what I’m talking about! Corner Gas? Stupid. Trailer Park Boys? OFFENSIVE. Bah bah blah blah get real jobs you freeloaders.”

    To which I stare at my income tax and HST bills for the last few years and wish mightily I could introduce them to some handy storage place on said person’s person.

    In the middle, the pocket, is everyone else — including Diane and Greg & the people who write for this site, most of the people who comment, and especially the viewers – whether they like a show or don’t like a show, they judge a show based on whether it entertains them and tells stories they like to see. The fact that it’s Canadian is nice because maybe it means something a bit different or a bit familiar…but different.

    It’s these voices that social media have given a voice to, and these voices we’re most grateful for.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have my Amerika Kabal meeting to attend. I’ll be sure to report back to fuel home ‘s worst nightmares.

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