Tonight: Rookie Blue, Between, The Liquidator

From network episode descriptions:

Rookie Blue, Global – “Uprising”
A riot breaks out at a women’s correctional institute while Andy, Juliet, Nick, and Gail are there to transfer prisoners. They end up separated and in a lock-down situation that finds Andy and Juliet trapped with a woman desperate to prove her innocence.

Between, City – “Crossing Lines”
Tensions escalate in Pretty Lake when the power goes out, cutting off all communication to the outside world. Plus, Wiley (Jennette McCurdy) has a plan to escape and enlists Adam’s (Jesse Carere) help, but when they stumble into a trap, their relationship starts to crumble under the weight of Wiley’s secrets.

The Liquidator, OLN – “Floor Your Friends”
Jeff hopes to get a great deal on a huge load of seized hardwood flooring from his old pal Sheldon, but Sheldon knows all of Jeff’s tricks and isn’t falling for any of them.