Buck Productions and Patrice Théroux partner for ReincarNATE

From a media release:

Sean Buckley, Owner and Executive Producer, Buck Productions announced today that industry heavyweight Patrice Théroux has joined ReincarNATE, a TV series based on the popular comic books by writer Michael Moreci and illustrator Keith Burns. The project is currently in development at Buck Productions. Théroux joins Buckley as Executive Producer, while up-and-comer James Cooper who directed Interview with a Time Traveler and Elijah the Prophet, developed the adaptation and wrote the pilot. ReincarNATE marks one of the first projects that Théroux has attached himself to since departing eOne.

Moreci is a megastar in the comic world, having penned ReincarNATE, Roche Limit, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as well as Hoax Hunters, which is currently being developed into a feature film. Based on the popularity of Moreci’s outstanding body of work, Heavy Metal is re-releasing theReincarNATE trade paperback, including all four issues of the series, for fans in November 2015 and a brand new series of ReincarNATE comics is set for release next year.

ReincarNATE is a one hour crime drama focused on down-on-his-luck Private Eye Nate McCoy. After being shot in the head during an investigation, Nate gains the ability to interact with versions of himself from past lives; Jameson, a wild west lawman, and Alan, a contract killer from the 1960s. With their help, Nate takes on the dangerous underworld, crooked cops, and scumbags, including El Panda; a criminal heavyweight who may have been responsible for the murder of his father.

About Buck Productions
Buck Productions is a leading content creation company that has seen success in feature films, television, branded content, documentaries, and commercials. Considered one of the most diverse production houses in North America, owner and CEO Sean Buckley has cultivated a concept-first culture, where ideas and end-products are paramount. Buck is one of North America’s foremost production companies. Buck Productions has also been named on Realscreen Magazine’s Global 100 list of independent production companies for the past five years in a row.


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  1. This one doesn’t interest me. It’s a crime mystery procedural so I’ll pass.

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