CBC partners with Banijay International for new TV ventures

From a media release:

CBC announced today the launch of Format Incubator, a collaborative venture between CBC, distributor Banijay International and the independent production community, aimed at boosting the creation of original, exportable television formats.The hunt is on for new unscripted concepts that have strong domestic and international appeal, and break new ground in factual programming.

CBC and Banijay International are seeking unique concepts that resonate with audiences and have the potential to spark a national dialogue about a topic that matters to Canadians. Format Incubator will select a small number of format ideas to develop, ultimately narrowing down the selection to one to three formats to go to pilot.

Canadian producers are invited to submit their original, non-derivative prime time unscripted formats in the following programming areas:

  • Field-based factual. These formats take people on a journey of knowledge; have interesting characters, strong narrative, stylistic production and editing, and a unique point of view.
  • Studio-based entertainment. For adults 25-54 and families, a collective viewing experience that reaches out to the audience to participate in the program in many different ways.

Proposals are being accepted now, until August 3rd. Full guidelines and submission details can be found at CBC’s Independent Producer page.  Please visit:


Format Incubator will support up to three new unscripted pilots through the development and production process, and broadcast the pilots in prime time on CBC Television in March 2016. Chosen pilots will benefit from development and creative editorial support from CBC and Banijay, and an expedited distribution process to bring their concept to the international market.

Pilots will be financed by CBC and Banijay International, along with provincial and federal tax credits. Canadian producers will retain copyright of the program, and the format will be owned equally and jointly by the production company, CBC and Banijay International.