Tonight: Rookie Blue, The Liquidator, Reelside

Rookie Blue, Global – “Letting Go”

When Nick’s estranged older brother emerges with new information on someone from their tragic past, Nick goes off the grid to track the man down. But Juliet is hot on his heels, and Nick is forced to let her into the secrets of his past.

The Liquidator, OLN – “Eyes on the Prize”
Jeff has to move quickly if he wants to capitalize on thousands of dollars-worth of sewer pipe – but fires at the store keep flaring up. Will Jeff be able to sell the sewer pipe in time? Or will this deal go down the drain? And when Jeff has to refund a customer for a non-working motor his associate Sheldon sold to him, will Jeff be able to convince Sheldon to split the loss?

Reelside, TMN – Episode 2 of 6
Actor Philip Riccio (REPUBLIC OF DOYLE) goes behind the camera to explore filmmaking in the pre-digital era with his mentor, horror film icon George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Creepshow). Together, they remake one of Romero’s lost films. Romero guides Phil through 16mm filmmaking, reminiscing about his long career along the way.


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  1. Where is that Picture from? The Scene didn’t happen in 6×4. It might be from 6×1.

  2. Could be – it’s from earlier this season anyway. It’s not meant to be a spoiler for the upcoming episode, just an illustration of the show.

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