Tonight: Balletlujah, Between, Rookie Blue, Reelside, The Liquidator


From network episode descriptions:

Balletlujah , CBC
Balletlujah celebrates the music of one of Canada`s most iconic artists, k.d. lang, and follows the creation of a ballet based on her work.

Between, City – “End of the Rope”
Although the power is back in Pretty Lake, there is still no communication with the outside world. Adam’s (Jesse Carere) search for answers leads him to the prison where he must scramble to save his own life. Meanwhile, Wiley (Jennette McCurdy) and Pat (Jim Watson) try to break into the pharmacy to help an infected Creeker girl, but their escape leads to a horrible accident.

Rookie Blue, Global – “A Real Gentleman”
When Traci is a no-show for her first raid, 15 Division fears the notorious gun dealer they’re after has kidnapped her. But when Andy realizes that the serial rapist who was never caught is back, it’s all hands on deck to find Traci – while Traci faces off with her captor and tries to escape before it’s too late.

Reelside, TMN – episode 3
This episode catches Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen in LA on the set of big-budget comedy Neighbors and at the premiere of their more personal project, This is the End. On the crux of the next big step forward in their careers, they share their journey from Canadian boys to making it big in Hollywood. Meanwhile, the pair guide rising talent Matt Bass through an endless string of rejections.

The Liquidator, OLN – “The Right Combination”
Jeff hits the jackpot on a load of damage-claim items from a delivery warehouse, but will he be able to sneak the best items onto his own truck before the buyer arrives? And selling to a loud Italian customer turns out to be an exercise in frustration.