Review: Explosive reveals on Rookie Blue

Still basking in the happiness that was Andy and Swarek’s engagement, I tuned in to this week’s episode of Rookie Blue knowing that things wouldn’t be all fun and games. Juliet throwing Oliver under the bus to IA meant bad times were coming at the precinct. Did they ever.

“Best Man,” written by Adriana Maggs and series co-star Enuka Okuma (check out her chat with The TV Junkies), was very much about Oliver. Not long after Swarek asked him to be his best man, he was under the microscope and more folks were learning of his impending fate. I like Matt Gordon a lot. His Oliver is able to successfully walk that line between goofy and serious, and he commands respect from his fellow cops. But despite the fact Oliver is just outside the core group of RB characters, Gordon is able to make the most of the lines and scenes he’s given.

His speech to Swarek, Andy and Izzy near the end of the episode, when the list of reasons he could be named the bomber was read off, was stunning and emotionally draining. Twenty years on the job, cleaning the streets of criminals and saving lives—including Evan, the autistic boy who’d disappeared and was found by he and Diaz—and he’d missed seeing his little girl grow up. So Oliver put his badge on his desk and left to play drums with Izzy.

To make that move was shocking in and of itself, though there is no way Swarek is handing over Oliver’s badge. He’s going to hold onto it until the firestorm is over.


And what a firestorm is promises to be. Steve Peck is the man behind the bombing? That little tidbit left me reeling. Bomb dealer Chris Klem (Flashpoint‘s Sergio Di Zio) was finally tracked down by Swarek and Andy and delivered he and his daughter to Traci, who was putting them in protective custody. I never believed Oliver was the cop who’d gotten the bomb pieces from Chris—but I never suspected Steve either. I never saw outward signs that he was unhappy or held a grudge with anyone on the force. Is there something that happened in earlier seasons that I missed because I’m a relative newbie to RB? Was he upset he was passed over for Sergeant and wanted to frame Oliver? Was he forced to do it by someone else?

Either way, the fact Traci has discovered her man is the bomber sends their relationship in a whole new direction (how could she kiss him and go out to dinner after Chris identified him?) and throws the precinct into upheaval. Holy crap.

Notes and quotes

  • Does every couple go through the gauntlet of a marriage quiz when they become engaged? I’m asking for a friend.
  • “There’s nothing in this world that isn’t somewhere.” — Traci
  • “How many times have I been right? Is anyone even keeping track anymore??” — Andy

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2 thoughts on “Review: Explosive reveals on Rookie Blue”

  1. Matty was amazing in his Scenes.

    I have to disagree, there were many signs/ hints that Steve could be not as straight as he appears.
    – His partner was corrupt in S1, maybe Steve was too, but his Name protected him from being investigated.
    – In S5 he set up a whole Investigation with the goal of getting Dex out of Tracis life.
    – In 6×5 he seemed very easily angered.
    – 6×6 made it clear that he’s not that keen about the truth when it’s achieving his own desired effect/goal to get a certain individual off the streets.

    1. Hey, thank you so much for pointing out the numerous signs that Steve was headed towards this.
      Like I said, as a relative newbie to the show those details slipped past me.

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