TV Eh B Cs podcast 26 – Jeff Biederman’s Spinning Wheel


Jeff Biederman is an award winning television comedy writer and producer. Most recently, Jeff was a show runner for two seasons of the CTV sitcom Spun Out. Season Two was pulled before airing from CTV’s schedule due to cast conflict back in January.

He was a writer and producer for 70 episodes of the teen comedy series Life With Derek and show runner on three seasons of the tween comedy series Overruled!, a series he co-created.

He has story edited over 200 episodes of television and has written for: My Babysitter’s A Vampire, The Latest Buzz, Radio Free Roscoe and too many more to mention.

And right after we talked about the unknown future for Spun Out, we found out late breaking news that CTV is going to show Season 2 this summer starting July 14th. But… as you’ll find out… we didn’t know this while recording, which makes for a unique contextual conversation.

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