Comments and queries for the week of August 7

12 Awesome Canadian TV Show Theme Songs

Wow, what a lot of memories! Great to see the Kids in their prime. I always got a kick out of Seeing Things. Loved the show. The theme wasn’t as good as the ones you’ve picked, perhaps, but it went with the show and it was funny. —Rita

Today’s Special and The Polka Dot Door. —Stevie

I’m a little biased but Less Than Kind‘s credit sequence and theme song “I Hate Winnipeg” (a.k.a. “One Great City”) by The Weakerthans is a pretty cool thing. —Marvin

How about Junior Forest Rangers and the original Littlest Hobo theme from the 60s? I mention these two because I’m an old fart and they were an important part of my childhood.

Also Mosquito Lake—although there was little love for the show from critics and it lasted just one season, Ian Thomas wrote the catchy tune. Still plays in my head from time to time. No link to that I’m afraid. Seems the only memories of that show are as “the worst Canadian sitcom ever.” My little claim to fame. —Dan


Face Offs and frigid temperatures on The Amazing Race Canada
That was the most dramatic episode of the Race I’ve seen in years. Still not sure how I feel about the Face Off automatically giving a penalty, but apparently it’s only 15 minutes in other versions of the show. And we didn’t get to see it work properly anyway so I can’t judge it yet. I bet the producers were freaking out behind the scenes.

I’m not sure but I thought the teams (in the U.S. version at least), depart for the next Leg 12 hours after they check-in at the mat. (After time penalties have been applied as needed). So I assume last week’s leg finished at 1:30 in the afternoon.

I probably would have done the same as Gino/Jesse in trying to flush out the Express Pass. Although, it was an easier Detour so Brent and Sean had a good chance of keeping it regardless. Although Nic and Sabrina may annoy them at the next airport.

How much dumb luck can Nic and Sabrina have? Three weeks ago they survived a penalty with about five minutes to spare, indirectly helping Brian and Cynthia eliminate Dana and Amanda. Two weeks ago they survived because Hamilton lost his passport. This week they got U-Turned but didn’t have to do the task because it was dangerous to be on horses after dark, and two other teams took time penalties, so Nic and Sabrina are still safe and didn’t have to do the Face Off with no penalty!

They didn’t say how long Nic and Sabrina got penalized for the horse-ride did they? It probably won’t matter with two other teams also serving penalties, and not being able to do the task is not really Nic and Sabrina’s fault there either, so it shouldn’t be as long as other penalties.

I kind of respect Kristin for at least finishing the horse thing. They are probably the next team to go though with her new leg problems plus they and Simi and Ope still have Face Off penalties to wait out. —Dan


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