Link: Up In Arms: A Gem Of A Documentary

From Jim Bawden:

Up In Arms: A Gem Of A Documentary
After watching I now believe this is the most important TV show to watch before deciding how you’ll cast your ballot in the upcoming federal election –forget those silly and staged leaders’ “debates”.

My first reaction was one of complete surprise.

I had absolutely no idea the gun lobby was so powerful here –and it is growing by leaps and bounds. Continue reading.


2 thoughts on “Link: Up In Arms: A Gem Of A Documentary”

  1. Many Americans own 3 guns each. What few Canadians know is there are over 3 MILLION dual-citizen Americans registered in Canada, who own, control, and run everything in Canada. The current Mayor of Vancouver, one of Canada’s biggest cities, is one of those Americans. I’ll bet a lot of those 10 million private owned guns belong to those Americans in Canada. They have so almost totally “Americanized” Canada that today there is very little left of what used to be – Canada. If we want even a chance to try to get that Canada back, we have to strip those Americans of their Canadian citizenships.

  2. This is such a divisive issue. I grew up in rural Saskatchewan where guns are everywhere. My father probably at one time had a dozen guns around the farm and he used them often for shooting various pests, particularly skunks which often carried rabies or coyotes which went after livestock. My husband has guns, is an avid hunter (like most men around here) and also shoots a lot of skunks which wander into the village. Guns are just a way of life around here, it always has been. And people in Northwest Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta absolutely hated the gun registry because it costed law-abiding gun owners a lot of time and money and inconvenience. There are also of people in Saskatchewan who would support the NDP because Saskatchewan is more socialist in culture (this is where the NDP has their roots, recall) but because people here are afraid the NDP will bring back gun registries or something related, they won’t vote for them.

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